How can tutoring benefit my High Schooler?

Clinics take place on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday evenings between 6:30 pm - 8 pm and Saturdays exclusively. These sessions are comprised of small groups, typically no more than 6 scholars. The focus is on addressing struggle, misunderstandings and advanced exposure. Unlike the traditional 1:1 tutoring approach, our clinics offer a more intimate, interactive, and pair-centered learning experience where scholars can explore challenges paired off in groups of 2. They will actively produce, think, create, process, write, and confer with peers as well as receive immediate feedback as well as guidance.

H.S. Tutoring Support

Literacy, Writing, Math & Science for

Grades 8 - 12!


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Private 1:1 Tutoring


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Science Instructional Support Services

Progressive Minds Tutoring includes the following services for an additional fee.

  • Interactive Labs

  • Field Trips

  • In-Your-Home Science Labs

  • Modified Curriculum Design & Approach for IEP scholars