ELA with Harlem Jet's Athletic Scholars

Task: Describe how the author connects the final paragraph to the paragraph that came before it...

Strategy: Identify the main idea of prior passages and analyze the correlation in relation to the concluding passage.

Step 1: Scholar approached the text by identifying the main idea of each paragraph within the text.

Step 2: Scholar then built upon Step 1 by making the correlation between the final paragraph and the paragraph preceding it.

End Result: When scholars are taught how to articulate their positions and follow-up with valid reasons they become more effective writers. We live in an era where because of advanced forms of social communication; our youths' writing patterns are directly related to and impacted by their speaking patterns. At Progressive Minds Tutoring we believe that by challenging a child's thinking, and engaging them to verbalize their thoughts, ideas, and beliefts you can enhance their ability to properly transcribe them into published texts. Just as not all problems in life have one single answer, no academic hurdle ever has one set approach. However, through a series of differentiated instructional tactics Progressive Mind's Tutoring has begun increasing academic performance in as little as 3 weeks time.

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