A deeper understanding of the content and less reliance on the memorization of process and algorithms. A live human being to answer on demand any questions your child may have and help support any confusions your child may encounter. Lastly LIVE TEACHER SUPPORT guarantees that your child understands and successfully completes their daily assignments.


     In addition, our instruction focuses on real-world application of content so scholars understand how their classwork directly relates to and impacts their daily lives. For example relating algebra to everyday decision making, social studies approaches with regard to using analytical thinking & reasoning to decipher the current political system as it directly relates to immigration and employment laws and bills, which directly affect our every day living.

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What are the top 3 Benefits of LIVE TEACHER SUPPORT in regards to my child's school work? 

     While the population of "frustrated parents" continues to grow over schools overnight transition to online classroom learning coupled with already overwhelming advanced grade level expectations many scholars are experienced heightened levels of stress.  Scholars can no longer be passive learners and must now take ownership of their education.  They will need to actively participate in classroom discussions and play an intimidatingly accountable role in ensuring successful electronic submission of classwork. 


       Children will need to listen to the ideas of others and be able to engage in conversations surrounding active learning in their virtual classrooms.  This can be quite intimidating for children whom are not familiar with navigating a google classroom inspired platform or virtual conferencing software in order to successful participate in classroom learning. Scholars will not only have to show their work in "present mode", but they will also now be required to explain their thinking with supporting evidence by way of typing sentences and paragraphs into a laptop, PC, Ipad, or smartphone when just weeks ago they were lugging around notebooks and binders trying to painfully keep track of last weeks handouts and worksheets.


A variety of differentiated instructional methods will be used to help your child master understanding grade level content in meaningful ways toward succeed. We even offer support in helping your child establish and monitor executive functioning skill routines to help improve time management, etc.

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Why so much added pressure on scholars?
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As with everything in life, from dieting to exercising; hard work and dedication yields positive end results thus... tutoring is no different. There are no refunds issued on LIVE Teacher Support Services and Virtual Tutoring Sessions as scholars are expected to be in attendance and failure to attend remote learning sessions is not grounds for a refund of services.


Additionally, there will be no refunds issued for scholars who refuse to engage in learning and or disrupt the virtual learning classroom. Such behavior will lead to the immediate termination of services and prevention from further access to our online learning platform.

In general, a minimum of two hours of one-on-one or small group tutoring, or LIVE Teacher Support Services is typically recommended for a minimum of 3 days weekly. IF there is a need based upon "IEP related instructional needs" or the assigned instructor believes additional hours are needed, upon consultation with the scholar and the parent, such a recommendation will be addressed after careful consideration. (*additional fees may apply)

If I'm not satisfied with the service can I request a refund?

To initiate enrollment services you can click here "Enrollment Form" and an academic advisor will contact you to follow-up.


***Please note payment is accepted via CashApp, Venmo, ZELLE/CHASE QUICK PAY & PayPal ONLY!!! DUE to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Tutoring & LIVE Teacher Support Services are ONLY intended to supplement (not substitute for) classroom learning.

Once your enrollment form has been received and your payment has been successfully remitted your child will be enrolled for services and assigned to a virtual instructor.

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How do I enroll my child?
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Why should I pay for tutoring/ Teacher Support Services ? I didn't need it as a child and I turned out just fine!

    Educational Intervention/ Support Services is critical in providing scholars of today with the skills they need to pursue jobs in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), or business ownership industries should they choose to do so.  When instruction is merely focused on the memorization of concepts, dates, locations, names, rules and procedures, students struggle. In higher grade levels these struggles are complicated further with the introduction of more complex algebraic and analytical literary based instruction. 

     When intimidation and confusion in learning occurs, students begin to lose confidence in their ability to do well and ultimately regress in learning, setting ad achieving goals.  The tutors job is to bring each lesson to life so each child can achieve the deeper levels of understanding which education brings.  Our Students don’t learn to memorize strategies and tricks—they learn to look at learning from multiple perspectives.  With a deeper understanding, students are able to build confidence in their problem-solving abilities and ultimately choose to take more challenging courses they will face in life.