What is academic intervention and how can this benefit my child?

Scholars fully take part in their learning process via discussions and virtual instructional engagement which provide opportunities to implement, strategize, co-construct and individually perform. Unlike the traditional tutoring session and classroom setting, Progressive Minds Special Education Support Services offer a more steady hands on approach tailored for each individual scholar. Parents can be sure scholars are actively working, thinking, doing, processing, writing, and creating. Having LIVE Special Education Teacher Support Services ensure engaging learning is actively occurring while at that same time offering challenging and stimulating instructional support which result in active memorable learning. LIVE Sped Teacher support also ensures that specific school work is completed in its entirety as well as successful submission of assignments.   

Special Education Teacher Support Services
*2 hr sessions


We offer
Literacy, Writing, Math & Science Instructional Support Services


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Reading AND Writing are still as popular as ever, yet somehow the art and skill of both have gotten lost.

Enroll your child today so they can receive the support of a LIVE Special Education Teacher. Help your child become a confident reader, writer, problem solver, and all around strategic thinker and planner. Be blown away as they improve in areas such as reading fluency, comprehension, focus, grammar, writing style, argument, as well as literary analysis. Our Instructional approach is energetic, friendly, professional and engaging. Enroll your child and watch them grow faster than most scholars in an academic year--all in the comfort and relaxation of your home environment.

The teacher has always been at a disadvantage in the classroom because even the most effective teacher can’t see the most important element of their lesson – the student’s thinking!!


What if there was a way to make the thinking of each student visible to the teacher throughout the lesson? Progressive Minds Tutoring is a compelling alternative because instruction and approach is completely focused on how each student learns best coupled with modifications which foster memorable learning.

Special Education
IEP Support Services
Parent Workshops:

If a doctor diagnosed your child with a disability, illness, or disease you would get a second opinion correct? So why not schedule a consultation with us, and ensure that your child's IEP indicates the most appropriate services to address your child's needs?


Don't entrust the school system to always know whats in the best interest for your child. Some schools don't offer the services scholars require because of situations involving over population, budget cuts, under staffing, mis-management of funds, etc. Don't chance your child's future success contact us today and start actively planning for your child. 

Have you ever wondered how you could help your child academically, or advocate for them better in school? Well look no further, our Founder and CEO offers workshops and private consultations. During these meetings parents and guardians are educated on laws, school regulations, discipline policies, student & parent rights, IEP advocacy and a wealth of other topics to give you a fair advantage when advocating for your child.

Don't allow schools to solely determine what's in your child's best interest. You have a voice and legal right to give input on the academic planning for their children. Don't sit back confused or depending on an inexperienced advocate to help you make decisions which directly impact your child. CONTACT US today and become a stronger advocate for your child.