Tutoring / Educational Intervention is critical in providing scholars of today with the skills they need to pursue jobs in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), or business ownership industries should they choose to do so.  When instruction is merely focused on the memorization of concepts, dates, locations, names, rules and procedures, students struggle. In higher grade levels these struggles are complicated further with the introduction of more complex algebraic and literacy based questions. 

     When this occurs, students begin to lose confidence in their ability to do well and ultimately regress in learning and setting goals.  The tutors job is to bring each lesson to life so each child can access the deeper level of understanding education brings.  Students don’t learn tricks—they learn math and literacy.  With a deep understanding, students are able to build confidence in their problem-solving abilities and ultimately choose to take more challenging english, math, and science courses as they pursue pathways through further schooling, careers, and life.

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Why should I pay for tutoring? I didn't need it as a child and I turned out just fine!

Differentiated content, and more practice with a hands on focus. A deeper understanding of the content and less reliance on the memorization of process and algorithms. In addition, our instruction focuses on real-world application of content so scholars understand how their in-school lessons apply to their daily lives.

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What are the top 3 Benefits of Tutoring in relation to my child's school work? (i.e. Common Core Curriculum, etc)

While the population of "frustrated parents" continues to grow over schools advanced grade level expectations of scholars at such young ages.  Scholars can no longer be passive learners and must now take ownership of their education.  They will need to actively participate in classroom discussions.  They will need to listen to the ideas of others and be able to engage in conversations surrounding active learning in the class.  Scholars will not only have to show their work, but they will now be required to explain their thinking with supporting evidence. Progressive Minds Tutoring employs a variety of differentiated instructional methods to help your child master these skills in order to succeed.

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Why so much added pressure on scholars?
How is the progress of a scholar measured?

An initial pre-assessment test is administered to the scholar and a plan is created based upon the results, as well as in-put from parent(s), child, and school staff (if applicable.) Each tutoring session is recorded via the tutors anecdotal notes and evaluated in planning for follow-up sessions. Scholars are given mini-assessments as well as projects and mini assignments to measure growth. In some cases assessments will demonstrate areas of regress. When this occurs the tutor will immediately reinforce the identified area as well as consistently monitor growth while continuing to implement the original plan of action. At evenly spaced intervals throughout our time together with your child assessment data is used to design meaningful instruction that challenges them toward solutions.

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As with everything in life, from dieting to exercising; hard work and dedication yields positive end results thus... tutoring is no different. In general, two hours of one-on-one tutoring is typically recommended per week for a minimum of 3 months. If there is a need based upon the "plan" or the tutor believes additional hours are needed, upon consultation with the scholar and the parent, such a recommendation will be addressed.

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

Tutoring services are intended to supplement (not substitute for) classroom learning. Based on the diagnostic pre-assessment, a plan is devised. Other things taken into account with the pre-assessment are input from the student, parent, and if requested, the teacher. This gives a clear "picture" on what areas to focus upon and thus maximize tutoring session time. Upon completion of the diagnostic pre-assessment and plan development a tutor is assigned and session scheduling begins.


To initiate tutoring services you can either call us and schedule an appointment, or you can simply click on the "Schedule Now" tab below and one of our staff will contact you to follow-up.

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How do I get a tutor?